Some bugs and few suggestions

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Some bugs and few suggestions

Post  zbyl2 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:10 am

Here's little list of bugs I found and that weren't reported yet (at least I didn't find them here). THere's no everything as I posted little list on LF too awhile ago.

M4-78-B - Trandoshian said "Shame. Something could have happened" and convo stopped. Is that supposed to go that way? As it doesn't make much sense for me.
Gands doesn't have VOs, and they should as they're speaking in their language.
Czerka contact conversation in M4-78 - using option "What can I do for YOU?" break conversation.
When I talked to one of Protos, it started conversaion with another one, one that was on second side of module.
Lolma is talking with VOs of MALE Twi'lek, and some of her lines doesn't have VOs at all.
Chosing option "I'll be just going" in HK-47's conversation make HK disappear and therefore make impossible to complete quest.
When Kannos is talking to HK-47, Kannos doesn't even look at him (talking of security recording from the ship)
T3 doesn't have VOs in his convo with Bastila.
Aid station - I can give plasma torch to engineer invinite amount of times and I will always get XP.
Map screen is little messed up and it shows wrong map notes\module names. Example: in Cave on Dxun map note says "to Valley of Dark Lord", and in Cave on Rhen Var name on map says "Dantooine Crystal Cave".
After you see Mira-HK conversation, HK will stand near Mira on the ship all the time. You can't talk to him.
No minimap for some modules in Coruscant (those that are reskinned m4-78 to be more specific).
Wookie in Coruscant doesn't have VOs, and he should have as he's talking in his language.
Bith in Czerka Office (Coruscant) should get VOs.
Bith in Czerka Office dialog - option "[To Tsig]" shouldn't appear if Tsig isn't in party.
Supreme Chancellor's pilot should get VOs as she's Twi'lek.
I can wath scene when Revan is warning the senate about True Sith invinite amount of times and I always get XPs.
Raghouls in Rhen Var ruins are called "Raghoul 42", "Raghoul 23" etc. it doesn't look good.
After reloading save from HK-Candeorus mission when they're reactivating HKs, it starts convo again, sometimes it gives me both of them in party, but sometimes I got only Mandalore, and he couldn't even move...
HK's weapon doesn't have any icon.
Freedon Naad fight - if I enter pods room again, it'll spawn another Freedon!
In starship wreckage: there's dialog option "well, if you're not goind to pay me, I might as well kill you for XP" doesn't really make much sense...
From Rancor's corpse on Coruscant I've got two items called "Claw10d6". What?

What about adding more HKs in M4-78?
Some things on minimaps should be changed IMO, in example door should be marked (as it's in normal KOTOR), unaccsesible areas should be removed etc.
Maybe I'm just an idiot, but what are Rontos doing in Coruscant mainstreet?
It really shouldn't be possible to use Stasis on HK-1000.
All Jedi should attack enemis during fight with Storm Beasts in Rhen Var ruins - for now after all Raghouls are dead, they're just standing there...
Why nobody helped me in fight with Nihilus?
Would be awesome if there'd be lot of dead bodys on Coruscant during final battles.
I'd love to see more side quests, as propadly everybody!
Shouldn't Citizians in Etti cantina be sitting on chairs?

Anyway, I must say I'm impressed. Mod was little boring sometimes, but overraly, it was awesome. I love BIK movies in final sequences - Dodona's message, Raghouls killing people in Taris, Revan vs Kannos... And conversation with Bastila on Dantooine was REALLY good.

I wish patch for this come out soon, and hope you will consider implementing at least some of my suggestions : )


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