List of unresolved bugs I found...

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List of unresolved bugs I found...

Post  I_Jedi2 on Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:07 am

Here are some of the bugs just from the top of my head, might not be chronological...

1. In the battle on the used market module the other Jedi, party, and I fought two of the storm beasts. I decided to attack the one Revan was fighting (One by the Sky Ramp). The other one was still living, and then Revan says the battle ended. The rest of the Jedi are still fighting, so how does that make sense?
2. There are two apprentice problems. a. I apprenticed Lolma, but she sounds like a guy. b. After I apprenticed Lolma, I decided to get the Trando instead, (forgot his name). Therefore, I reloaded the level before Lolma and got him. The Doctor was present this time. I wanted Lolma back so I reloaded once more. Now the Korriban was completely taken out.
3. In the end, I recall Tsig was missing some

That's what I remember so far.


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