Cannot play the game at all - HELP!

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Cannot play the game at all - HELP!

Post  Sceers on Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:44 pm

Hey guys,

I've downloaded EVERYTHING you need to play this mod. I have 2 hardrives, C: which is the origonal. And New Volume E: which is my new one, the one i put everything on such as games etc. When i use one of of these 5 installers lets say modules for example, is says it will go to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\Modules. The space it says is: Disc space needed: 21mb. Available disc space: 381mb <-- FOR C DRIVE. Now the thing is guys, on my C drive i dont have a lucas arts, or a swkotOR2. So i'm guessing my computer assumes it has. And of course i know C: doesn't, so i change the directory. When i got my new E drive i moved that lucas arts folder to my e drive/synced it in a way so my C: drive with barely a gig space will never be used. So i change the directory it is gonna go in, i change it to: E:\LucasArts\Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords\Modules. And guess what guys, my E: drive has 373gb free space. so the message below the directory in the installation process should say: The space it says is: Disc space needed: 21mb. Available disc space: 373000(373gb). BUT IT DOESN'T. Even though i have changed the directory to the new E: drive with my created lucas arts folder, it keeps the space from the C: drive. So i go ahead and install, and it appears that when it's installing it all goes in the E: drive where it should, but it takes the space of my C: drive. So after installing all of them to the kotor folder on my e drive, where everything should go (and while this time during installing 5 of the set ups it takes it of my C drive, when it should take it of me E), I play kotor and it is sooo buggy! i get to the menu and its all messed up and untidy, it still says the jedi masters but a picture of revan in the corner of the screen, and when i create character i cannot see the list of types of jedis, i cannot see what the males / females look like, graphic parts blip around the screen, when i created my character which i cant see, i click play and it gets stuck on the loading screen. And the loading screen seems to be the only thing that looks the way it should.




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