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Modding the Mod

Post  malejediexile on Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:49 am

I've played threw to the End! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy cheers

Naturally I was dogged by a few tiny bug problems but I SAVED frequently (especially before I'd go into another
Module) & that cut down on it.

Plus my original version of STAR WARS KOTOR TSL was heavily Modded to begin with (at minimum I have 31 mods installed) so I debated with myself if I should uninstall them all or just install TJM on top of everything. So being lazy I did the later. lol!

Anyway now that I have finished the game I am altering it a little using my very very very totally mega noob modding skills.

So far I altered the male PC's and reverted a few of them back to the original TSL game. Also I realized I can replace the Female Jedi Exile with a Male Exile (being a fanatical fan of the Male Exile & totally rejecting the so called "Canon"....I would naturally want to do this rendeer).

Now I just have to figure out how to turn off the sound for the Exile (because my dude still sounds a chick) & make a few minor alterations in the dialog of the other characters.

I think it's easier to change the gender of the Exile. I feel bad for fans of the FEMALE REVAN because I don't see a way to change Revan without making "Her" & Bastila kinda gay(not that I'm bashing gay people). Thus fans of the Female Revan/Carth romance are sadly out in the cold alas. (BUT if you used the gay mods for the Bastila/FemRevan romance it will work I think).

I would also like to replace the Disciple with the Handmaiden. Hey anything is possible.

I hope their is a patch soon.

Cheers! Very Happy


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How did you make t3 tell where revan

Post  omi100000 on Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:14 am

can you tell me what t3 and you when you trying get him to talk


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