Really Weird glitch

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Really Weird glitch

Post  Pietro on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:24 am

As I wrote in another post, Kannos doesn't show up on my game. But before i disinstalled it and tried again I wanted to give it one last shot. So I started the game again and with the help of a few cheats (lightsaber to open the door to the bridge) and invulnerability (So I didn't get mauled by the haywire droids), I started exploring, and as I gave up as there was nothing interesting I was trying to find my way back when I managed to somehow get into G0T0's yacht (Which I soon realized to be The Eagle) and could walk around and everything. Problem was that I had no teammates other than Mandalore which appeared in a room but I couldn't use on any planet and a few mandalorians. Anyway, I decided to go for broke and continue the game.

I went to Telos and rescued Bastila and am now on Etti IV. But before I go on any further I wish to there any possible way for me to finish the game like this? I know its a really weird and unlikely glitch, but it may just be my saviour.


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